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Welcome to the Work Up

Marketing can take your business to new levels, but how you get it to do that is a different story. How do you grab your customer’s attention when you open up your new store? How do create differentiation in the marketplace or create brand loyalty? It all starts with marketing, it all starts with The […]

Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan

Welcome back to The Work Up. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the last episode, we’re breaking down this week’s episode here on the blog. We are discussing all things Marketing Plan vs. Marketing Strategy. First order of business? Learn the difference between the two. Marketing Strategy Your marketing strategy is your plan […]

Logo vs Branding

Both a logo and branding are important to a business, but each is important for different reasons. While they are different, they work together to create a memorable experience for customers or clients. Logos A logo, in the simplest terms, is a mark used to identify a company. It can be a graphic, an icon, […]

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